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(≖_≖ )

Megs l Female l Procrastinator l Lazy Butt

"Steady progress; rapid advance."

Hiya~ Welcome to my page!
Name's Megan, but you can call me Megs.
I'm pretty tomboyish and a sarcastic little butt haha
Though, I can be pretty quiet and don't talk much but that's because I'm really awkward ahaha...ha...but please, feel free to talk to me hehe
My face scares people lol I always look angry or like I'm brooding [like Sousuke <3] yeah...haha People tell me I'm a tsundere get my drift pfft
But basically, I'm a lazy ass who wastes most of her time OTL

I've been drawing ever since I joined da, so for about 3 years. When I first joined, all I ever did was fanart, now there's more original art than fanwork. Currently, I'm trying to develop my style more so that it's recognizable haha
Thanks for stoppin' by~

Little facts about me
[well...mostly fears...OTL]
- Always hungry [please, give me some food omg]
- Afraid of heights ahaha...
- Claustrophobic though not too serious...I think...
- I get sea sick but like to swim haha [though I can only swim in fresh water OTL I have some allergic reaction to chlorine ):]

Drawing l Anime/Manga l Basketball l Video Games l Eating
Favorite Colors
Teal l Greens l Blues

All Time Fave Characters <3
Kasamatsu Yukio
Yamazaki Sousuke

Fave Animes/Mangas
[many more but these are on the top of the list haha]
Kuroko no Basuke/Kiseki no Sedai
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Shingeki no Kyojin

Captain Bae haha

Captain Zettai Ryouki
I have too many Kasamatsu pics haha ;3 there's even more in my secret stash mwahahaha!
I ship KiKasa. I will go down with this ship hehe


Jan 29, 2015
9:01 pm
Jan 29, 2015
7:36 pm
Jan 28, 2015
7:03 am
Jan 28, 2015
5:44 am
Jan 27, 2015
10:15 pm

(≖_≖ )

(≖_≖ )


Main: Kaiden Lichte

Minor: Tasogare l Kurai Ito l Senka Aysel l Taekwoon Han l Xenon B l Ryuu Suzuki l Jayden Li/Reaper l Crunchyroll l Morgan Y. l Theodore l Casandra Hale l Cole Weston l Liam Kennington l June Cohen l Xi When

Art Status
Commission Closed
Art Trades/Collabs Ask
Request Don't Do
Gifts Friends Only

Currently Working On:

Nothing. I just can't draw. :/ Idk man. It's not that I don't have time, it's that I lost the ability to draw? I really don't know QAQ

To-Do List
For Othes
MarleneUrameshi AT Makoto and Yami
MewLightKitten COM 3 portraits
Panda-Poodle AT Collin
Triskata COM Ryuu and Annabella
Revamp a bunch of OCs
Draw more Kaiden haha
KnB [mostly Kasamatsu] Fanart haha

Amazing People



RP Groups


Whale Shark Bae lol

Here, have a VERY small portion of my Sousuke collection hehe some Sousuke <333
I seriously don't know if his right or left shoulder is busted omg
First it was left in the beginning but changed to his right so idk anymore. IT'S BOTH QAQ
I ship SouMako. Deal with it hehe



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